Holdilocks is a new tool made for just about anyone. Have you tried everything to try and tame your hair? Simple hair accessories simply don't cut it. It's hard to manage your hair, be on the go – and somehow keep it stylish.

That's where Holdilocks comes in!

Holdilocks intuitive design makes sure that your hair doesn't take any stress from the accessory – Holdilocks does all the work for you. This is meant as a tangle-free, tug-free and hassle-free way to secure your hair. It works on all hair types, especially long thick hair.


Just take your hair from one end and wrap it in the middle of your Holdilocks. After that, bed the two ends together and secure it with a twist tie. Pull your hair around the Holdilocks to create the perfect bun. That's it! You can roll your hair as high or low as you like!

Curling Your Hair With Holdilocks: In damp hair, roll your hair into your Holdilocks and secure it with a twist tie. You can apply hair mousse into your hair before, or spritz your hair with hairspray after for extra hold. Wait until your hair is dry and uncoil the Holdilocks. Enjoy your beachy waves!

Use it to keep small items: Yes, Holdilocks does more than style your hair! You can wrap any small item, like a key, into your hair. Wrap the item into a small piece of fabric or gauze, insert it into the slot in the middle of your Holdilocks. Wrap your hair around it and style as normal.


Holdilocks is made of TPU90 (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), which can be describes as a mix between plastics and rubber. It is extremely flexible, durable and smooth.



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