So Smooth

When you do manage to get the time to style your hair, you should make sure that the tools you use aren't damaging to your hair. With heat styling taking on most of the negativity from hair enthusiasts, other factors are being on the back burner. Rigid materials that secure your hair can add unwanted tension on your tresses and repeated use can cause great discomfort. 

Thermoplastic polyurethane, the material that Holdilocks is made of, is a very common form of elastic polymer, or elastomer. While us slightly more rigid than other elastomers, making it much more durable. It is also able to withstand much higher compressive and tensile forces than other materials. 

Part of what makes Holdilocks so comfortable is its surface smoothness and its ability to bounce back from tensile strength. What does this mean? When you pull and twist your hair around your Holdilocks, there won't be much stress placed on your tresses, which minimizes breakage. 

Adding tensile strength to your hair over time will eventually lead to a mechanical breakdown of the strands; they will become stretched and weak. So if your hair ever gets in tangles, rough combing or brushing can cause your hair to break. This isn't ideal for everyone, especially if you are trying to grow out your hair. 

When picking your hair tools, electric or not, make sure that can't out your hair through the wringer and cause any damage. The effects might not, and often would not, be immediate, but try your best to research the products you do use. 

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